past exhibition

Angela Bacon-Kidwell


Reveries of Imagination

August 6 - September 6, 2010


1 Wishing To Fly 2 Memories of Two 3 Whispery Moment 4 Untitled 7 5 Training Flight 6 After the Storm 7 Fade to Black 8 Tomorrows and Yesterdays 9 Untitled 13 10 Window 11 Love Without Hope 12 Escaping History 13 Untitled 12 14 Untitled 10 15 Untitled 3 16 RUN 17 Metamorphosis 18 Linda 19 Untitled 1 20 Somewhere Down the Road 21 Untitled 20 22 Untitled 21 23 Drawing Memory 24 Night Hunt 25 Untitled 8

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Angela Bacon-Kidwell brings substance to her subconscious thoughts and dreams through her surreal and beautiful photographic imagery. The ethereal images both reflect and evoke an emotional reaction, allowing viewers to connect to the subconscious feelings on a conscious, waking level.

"As I move through my day, I am keenly aware of my encounters with people, places and things. I mentally record the details of these situations, and these fleeting associations replay themselves in my dreams. The random moments combine to form sleep stories that are rich narratives, ripe with symbolism. With that as my model, I construct sets, use props and invite myself and models to perform in a natural, intuitive way. In essence, I attempt to create a waking dream."

The "Reveries of Imagination" exhibition combines images from two of Angela's recent series: Traveling Dreams consisting of black and white images and a collection of color work entitled Reverie. Angela has a BFA from Midwestern State University, Wichita Falls, Texas, with specialization in painting and mixed media. Her photographic work has received numerous awards and honors and has been exhibited and published both nationally and internationally.

All photographs are archival ink pigment prints in editions of ten or twenty-five and in varying sies depending on the image.


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Images © Angela Bacon-Kidwell