past exhibition

Angela Bacon-Kidwell



Traces of Existence

July 13 - Aug 20, 2012


1 Algebra of Darkness 2 Close to Twilight 3 Awakening Yangzhou 4 Double Profile 5 Hands 6 In the Vicinity of Wholeness 7 Eyes 8 Frozen Wishes 9 Centrifugal Force 10 Accession 11 Circular Thoughts 12 Jump Little Children 13 Frost-bound 14 Broken Waters 15 Yangzhou Chimera 16 Silence Can't Be Cut 17 Unclimbable Fence 18 Unborn Spaces

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Galerie BMG is delighted to host its second solo exhibition of photographs by Angela Bacon-Kidwell, entitled "Traces of Existence". Angela's most recent body of work portrays her personal experiences with joy and loss, her sense of both the fragility and tenacity of life, in a powerful photographic narrative. The dense, abstract imagery examines the complicated and chaotic ways in which life contracts, expands, converges and divests in our personal journeys.

Numerous layers of hand painted photographs, drawings and resin make up a single image. The final results are a complex layering process and not complete digital manipulations. Each image is printed and re-photographed under various conditions in one final effort to heal the tender wounds that bind the artist's existence.

"By stretching the image to near disintegration by burning, freezing and submersions I seek to release my emotions and give respect to a life that has been fully lived. The emotions I sought to bandage together resulted in a somber, but completely liberating experience".

Angela received a BFA from Midwestern State University, Wichita Falls, Texas, with specialization in painting and mixed media. Her work has been the subject of numerous exhibitions, publications, awards and honors, including the Spotlight Award in the 2012 B & W Magazine Portfolio contest for this current body of work. She was recently honored to be invited as a Guest Lecturer at the Annenberg Space for Photography in Los Angeles.

All images from this series are archival pigment prints of mixed media photographs and are available in three size options in both square and rectangular formats.


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Images © Angela bacon-Kidwell