past exhibition

Bill DeLanney


Seen But Unseen

April 20 - May 14, 2007


Bill Delanney 1 Round Face Doll Bill Delanney 2 Motel Trees Bill Delanney 3 Round Lake Bill Delanney 4 Tree Tier Bill Delanney 5 Iron Works Bill Delanney 6 Reservoir Bill Delanney 7 Altamont Trees Bill Delanney 8 Lake at Cooperstown Bill Delanney 9 Adams Windows Bill Delanney 10 Blythwood Bill Delanney 11 Athens House Bill Delanney 12 Garden Arch Bill Delanney 13 Canal Bridge Bill Delanney 14 Gate House Bill Delanney 15 Clouds Bill Delanney 16 Four Stacks Bill Delanney 17 Egg Bill Delanney 18 One Eye Bill Delanney 19 Smile Eyes Closed Bill Delanney 20 Molded Doll Bill Delanney 21 EyesWide Open Bill Delanney 22 Big Ears Bill Delanney 23 Head on Hair Bill Delanney 24 Snow Barn Bill Delanney 25 Iron Fence Bill Delanney Gas Station


Seen But Unseen is an intriguing collection of pinhole photographs by Hudson Valley photographer, Bill DeLanney. The images of ordinary places and things are subtle and soft, yet emotionally strong and evocative. His fascination with the simple and mundane reveals a mystery and sense of timelessness, focusing on the beauty that is often overlooked.

A self-taught photographer, Bill began working for Look Magazine in the late 1960's. He went on to continue as a free-lance photographer in entertainment, fashion & advertising. After a 30 year hiatus from photography, he moved to Upstate NY and soon re-discovered his earlier passion. He began using a toy plastic camera to capture his images and then experimented with a modified pinhole version. He combines traditional film with digital process, using archival inks and paper. His recent images have been featured in Shots and Camera Arts magazines and in numerous exhibitions.

Images are available in 11 x 14 or 16 x 20 archival inkjet prints in editions of 24.


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Images © Bill DeLanney