past exhibition

Brigitte Carnochan


Painted Photographs

July 27 - September 3, 2007


Brigitte Carnochan 1 Hydrangea Brigitte Carnochan 2 Red Dahlias Brigitte Carnochan 3 Clematis Brigitte Carnochan 4 Lavendar Dahlia Brigitte Carnochan 5 Magnolia VII Brigitte Carnochan 6 Dark Peony Brigitte Carnochan 7 Salmon Begonia Brigitte Carnochan 8 Reflecting Sunflower Brigitte Carnochan 9 Datura Brigitte Carnochan 10 Echinacea Brigitte Carnochan 11 Purple Grapes Brigitte Carnochan 12 Bowl of Grapes Brigitte Carnochan 13 Ranunculus Brigitte Carnochan 14 Calla Lily VI Brigitte Carnochan 15 Tea Rose I Brigitte Carnochan 16 Pot of Raspberries Brigitte Carnochan 17 Sweet Pea Arcs Brigitte Carnochan 18 Calla Lily V Brigitte Carnochan 19 Three Poppies Brigitte Carnochan 20 Lilacs in Green Vase Brigitte Carnochan 21 Pandora Brigitte Carnochan 22 Clasped Knees Brigitte Carnochan 23 Nude with Raised Arm Brigitte Carnochan 24 Ribcage Brigitte Carnochan 25 Dancer III Brigitte Carnochan 26 Nude in Circle Brigitte Carnochan 27 Sphinx Brigitte Carnochan 28 Back and Toes Brigitte Carnochan 29 Nude with Netting Brigitte Carnochan 30 Narcissa


Born in Germany, Brigitte Carnochan came to the United States as a child, where she fell in love with ballet and the idea of being a dancer. Instead of making a career of dance, however, she became a high school and later university teacher of English with a love of gardening. When her early interest in photography at last culminated in a decision to make photography her career, her interest in dance and gardens also coalesced in her primary subject matters: the formal beauty of bodies, flowers and fruit.

Brigitte creates her graceful photographic images beginning as silver gelatin silver prints, then hand-paints them, transforming them with a stunning and luminous quality. The hand-coloring process allows her, she says, "to interpret the essence of my subject according to my own imagination. I don't feel compelled to imitate reality in my coloring-it's very liberating. I am drawn to the subject matter because I find the formal beauties inherent in the human body and in flowers to be an embodiment of the spiritual. I use black and white film to concentrate each image to its most abstract form -and then I color it to energize it visually according to the sense of my own imagination- to make the image completely my own. I am moved by the power of the imagination, by the ways in which it colors everyday life -creates, in fact, private views of experience, whether revealed in words or in images."

Brigitte was educated at San Jose State University in San Jose, California (B.A., English), at Stanford University in Palo Alto, California (M.A., Education), and at the University of California at Berkeley (Ph. D., English). Her work has received numerous awards and has been shown in exhibitions throughout the country as well as in several recent publications and books. She currently teaches photographic workshops at Stanford University and is a Board Member of the Santa Fe Center for Photography in New Mexico.

Images are gelatin silver prints, printed and hand-painted by the artist and are available in either 11 x 14 (matted to 16 x 20) or 16 x 20 (matted to 22 x 28) formats.


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