past exhibition

Bryan David Griffith



In a Big World Wandering

May 25 - July 9, 2012


Entrance Reflection Going Up Peering Over Jumping Through Traverse Navigating the Forest Bounce Illuminated Climber Vortex Leap Around the Bend Shelter Longing Visiting the Tree Wayfarer Cloud Watching Between Contemplating Rothko Across the Universe Energize Salutation Paddler


Galerie BMG is delighted to host "In a Big World Wandering ", an exhibition of photographs by Bryan David Griffith beginning May 25. In his most recent series, Bryan combines low-tech, large format equipment and the nineteenth-century platinum palladium printing process to create simple, dreamlike images that invite quiet contemplation. The photographs reveal glimpses of small, unknown figures, at various times mysterious, playful, or even haunting. Each image is a metaphor for the experience of being human in a complicated and sometimes isolating world.

"My work is about following your heart and finding your way, despite a nagging angst. It's about accepting ambiguity, climbing past your own insignificance, and finding wonder on the other side. These photographs aren't literal documents, but visions, constantly reinterpreted with experience-mirrors that conjure up what you hold deep down inside. The small, anonymous figures in my work are you and I, contemplating those choices that, looking back, define our lives."

A self-taught photographer, Bryan left a successful career in management consulting to pursue photography full-time. He photographs using old large and medium-format cameras outfitted with homemade lenses. The images and effects are created entirely in-camera on film. The prints are platinum/palladium on handmade Japanese tissue. This 19th-century process yields a delicate, translucent print that complements the images; the prints seem like visions on the edge of being grasped, reinterpreted, or forgotten. Although his photographs have won numerous awards and are also held in several university, corporate, and private collections, Griffith feels most honored by the hundreds of "ordinary people who've given my work a place in their homes and lives."

All images are platinum palladium prints on handmade Japanese paper, 8" x 10" matted to 16" x 20".

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Images © Bryan David Griffith