past exhibition

Charise Isis


The Boudoir Project

January 4- February 18, 2008


Charise Isis 1 Persephone Charise Isis 2 El Esparar Charise Isis 3 40 Charise Isis 4 Joy Charise Iisis 5 Tawny Charise Isis 6 Cross My Heart Charise Isis 7 The Glass Chandelier Charise Isis 8 Just Hope Charise Isis 9 Madonna Charise Isis 10 Serenity Charise Isis 11 Uncut Beauty Charise Isis 12 Kung Fu Charise Isis 13 In the Mirror Charise Isis 14 Peacock Feathers Charise Isis 15 Island Charise Isis 16 Drift Charise Isis 17 All Kinds of Pretty Charise Isis 18 Marilyn Charise Isis 19 Double Trouble Charise Isis 20 Tomorrow Charise Isis 21 Cowgirl at the End of the Bed Charise Isis 22 Laura Charise Isis 23 Lady on a Couch Charise Isis 24 Feather Charise Isis 25 La Faim est Alee Charise Isis 27 I Look Like Grandma Charise Isis 28 Dear Heart Charise Isis 29 Rhea Charise Isis 30 Lair Charise Isis 31 Reclining in Shadows Charise Isis 32 Delicate Charise Isis 33 The Spilled Martini Charise Isis 34 Shoe and Pearls Charise Isis 35 Discovery Charise Isis 36 Miss Sylvania Charise Isis 37 For Charise Isis 38 The White Shirt Charise Isis 39 Perfectly Charise Isis One Last Cigarette

The subjects are women; women of diverse ages, social backgrounds, cultures, lifestyles, shapes and sizes. They came to the studio of fine art photographer Charise Isis to commission a boudoir portrait, either as a gift to someone they love or as a gift to themselves. "Boudoir", as described by Isis in this context, refers to one's private sanctuary; not a physical sanctuary, but one that exists somewhere within us, that which we often keep to ourselves or share only in intimate relationships.

In the process of photographing, Isis discovered that the women were revealing to her camera more than just their bodies. Arriving with their own issues of body identity and insecurity, the women came to discover the sensual essence that lies within them and makes them a beautiful and individual being. Isis witnessed the liberation that each one of them experienced, a positive shift in the perception of self, a level of deeper acceptance and esteem, the pure joy of doing something to free the feminine spirit and mystique.

She felt compelled to open a dialogue about women and body image and to present beauty and sensuality that stretches beyond our society's very narrow ideals of what beauty is. The end goal is to help break down the stereotypes that we are constantly fed by the media. With permission of all the women, she decided to create an exhibition, and eventually a book, which would defy society's impossible, even warped, standards of beauty and perfection. "The Boudoir Project" will have its premiere exhibition at Galerie BMG in Woodstock, NY. It is a lush, evocative collection of portraits capturing the inner beauty and sensuality that lies within each of her subjects. The women have become, if even for a brief moment, goddesses and heroines, captured forever by Isis's camera.

Charise Isis, resides in Kingston, NY. Before working as a photographer, she worked for many years as an exotic dancer where she documented the strength, beauty and creativity of her colleagues. These images appear in "American Stripper", her first book scheduled to be published soon. Her work has been exhibited both nationally and internationally, at the Center for Photography at Woodstock, the Griffin Museum of Photography, Massachusetts, Art Galerie, Siegen, Germany and the Seattle Erotic Art Festival.

A percentage of the photograph sales from this exhibition will be donated by the artist and the gallery to a New York based eating disorder outreach, education and support program. Images are available in sizes ranging from 5 x 7 to 24 x 36 in editions of 15.


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