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Sunflower Skyflower Victory Bonsai 3 Rootbound Bonsai 5 In Rubble Bonsai 6 Tethered Bonsai Swing Dianthus Hibiscus Lily Magnolia Tree Ladder Orchid Philodendron Rescuing Victory Rose Spider Mum Cosmos Foxglove



As a cross-disciplinary artist, Charles has synthesized imagery from literature as well as the pictorial arts into his imaginative workflow. Botanicals and other natural imagery, architecture, and nudes are often isolated from environmental backgrounds both to draw attention to their inherently sensual details and to make their implausible disconnection from the natural and vital world a cause for further investigation. The resulting portfolios marry the visible world to an audacious desire for satisfying forms and become sensual artifacts.

The images in this portfolio are platinum/palladium, handcoated on handmade Japanese gampi. Each piece of the nine-piece image is individually exposed under sunlight, washed, dried, and then sewn with cotton thread onto a larger piece of Japanese washi. Each print is then float mounted in a walnut, maple, or kiaat espresso-stained artist's frame.

The prints are available in three sizes/editions: 16" x 20" in editions of 9, 28" x 36" in editions of 3 and a single print edition sized 38 x 51.

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