past exhibition

Charles Grogg



Aug 24 - Oct 8, 2012


1 Camellia 2 Fritilaria 3 Snowdrops 4 Tulip 12 5 Magnolia 6 Rosebud 7 Morea 8 Matsumoto 9 Water Lily 10 Datura 11 Zinnia 4 12 Poppy 3 13 Dahlia 6 14 Bonsai 1 2836 15 Anemone 16 Star of Bethlehem 17 Clematis 18 Bonsai 4 1620

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Galerie BMG is delighted to host "Reconstructions", a solo exhibition of photographs by Charles Grogg, an artist represented by the gallery since 2010. The portfolio consists of fractured photographic images, printed piece by piece in platinum / palladium on handmade Japanese paper, with the component pieces then stitched back together to form a re-constructed image.

The artist describes the process as an attempt to "rip the world apart and stitch it back together as if I were a tailor or some absurd god trying to wring a new reality out of old parts. In these works, I have tried to displace the event of viewing familiar natural imagery without obliterating it but making it less than comfortably recognizable".

The poet and photographic historian John Wood wrote in an introduction to Charles' recently published book: "Charles Grogg's photographs are hauntingly beautiful. And they are strange… Strings and wire are often an integral part of a Grogg's photographs… wire, string, tendrils, roots, veins, all the connecting tethers of life, become his metaphor…Grogg¹s curious compositions and masterful handling of his prints allow us to perceive a beauty we otherwise would not have known. They allow us to make important connections we would never have made."

Charles is primarily self-taught, his interest in photography beginning in his thirties following a gift of a Leica camera, purchased in Germany in 1954, from his father. For several years he devoted his time to studying and reading about photography, going to art exhibitions, teaching himself black and white film techniques, and studying with and about other contemporary photographers. His images have been shown in galleries and art fairs internationally and published widely in fine art photography periodicals.? A Deluxe Edition monograph of his work was published by 21st Editions in 2012.

All images are available in 16" x 20" in editions of 9, 29" x 36" in editions of 3 and single edition unique prints in larger sizes up to "50" x 60"


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Images © Charles Grogg