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Dan Burkholder


Elements and Inks

April 3 - May 18, 2009


1 Dan Burkholder Three Trees Near Water 2 Dan Burkholder Kalalau Valey 3 Dan Burkholder Tree and Floating Dock 4 Dan Burkholder Trees and Road by Cornfield 5 Dan Burkholder Ocean and Clouds 6 Dan Burkholder Icebox Falls 7 Dan Burkholder Road and Tree on Saxton Flats 8 Dan Burkholder Hudson River and Catskills from Olana 9 Dan Burkholder Amish Farm Road 10 Dan Burkholder Full Moon at Midnight 11 Dan Burkholder PLatte Clove Falls in Summer 12 Dan Burkholder Tree and Floating Dock 13 Dan Burkholder Tree by Vietnam Memorial 14 Dan Burkholder Windmills 15 Dan Burkholder Stand of Trees 16 Dan Burkholder Amish Carriage on Hilly Road 17 Dan Burkholder Pumpkins on Church Steps 18 Dan Burkholder Flatiron in Spring 1 Dan Burkholder Parking Meters 20 Dan Burkholder Empire State Building from Bryant Parke 21 Dan Burkholder Three Trees Near Water  Dan Burkholder Roadside Business at Dusk  Dan Burkholder School and Trees  Dan Burkholder Six Poles in Fog  Dan Burkholder Trees and Truck at Midnight


Galerie BMG is pleased to present "Elements & Inks", an exhibition of new work by photographer, Dan Burkholder. Focusing primarily on the landscape close to his new home in the Hudson Valley, this collection of new and re-invented images, exemplifies Dan's unique vision and mastery of both traditional and digital photographic techniques.

In his series using precious metals, Dan combines his expert platinum palladium printing with 24K gold leaf to create translucent images which seem to shine with a light from within. The companion images, printed digitally with the finest pigmented inks, present similar subject matter with subtle luminosity and color.

Dan was one of the first traditional fine art photographers to champion digital technology by creating the digital negative in 1992. By sharing his pivotal methods, Dan has become a unique teacher and mentor, bridging the worlds of classic photography with the evolving digital era. His landmark book, Making Digital Negatives for Contact Printing, has become a standard reference in the digital fine art photography field and was awarded Best Technical Book by Photo Eye, the world's largest distributor of photography books.

According to Dan: "I try to exploit photography's ability to fossilize light as no other medium can, and find the qualities of both the handmade and pigment prints particularly suited to my vision of reality, whether straight, or romanticized. I am more concerned with emotional honesty than literal honesty in my photographs. My job is to respond to visual intrigue and beauty, and then to create a photograph that conveys to the viewer my feelings for the subject".

Platinum palladium over gold leaf images are available in 4 x 6 or 5 inch round print size matted to 20 x 16. Selected images are available in 8.5 x 12.75 print size matted to 22 x 28. Pigmented ink images are availabe in 12 x 18 print size, matted to 22 x 28, with selected images in 20 x 30 print size, matted to 32 x 40.


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