past exhibition

David Ellingsen


Hibernus...a winter study

December 4, 2009 - January 11, 2010


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Galerie BMG is pleased to host the exhibition of Hibernus…a winter study by Canadian photographer, David Ellingsen. For this series, David collected natural plants during the final stages of their being. Chosen for their beauty of form and graphic possibilities, they represent a respect and appreciation for the worth of the latter part of the life cycle.

The Polaroid 55PN film used to capture this collection - an excellent, fine-grained, textured film, rich with organic imperfections - is also at the end of its lifespan. Due to the changing demands in photographic technology, the film was discontinued in 2008, despite its decades of peerless performance.

In simple terms, the subjects were chosen to match the medium, to question how we overlook the beauty and value in what has aged. The resulting photographs, created in-studio, hand-processed in the darkroom, solarized during the development process and printed to archival, museum exhibition standards, achieve the same level of beauty and elegance as their subjects.

David's fine art photographs have appeared in numerous solo and group exhibitions and have received awards and prizes from a variety of organizations including the International Photography Awards in Los Angeles, Black & White Magazine in San Francisco, PX3 in Paris and Applied Arts in Toronto.

All images are available in either 32" x 40" chromogenic print or 20" x 24" pigment ink print formats.


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