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Amy Auerbach

Dec 9 - Jan 9, 2006



Galerie Galerie BMG is pleased to present a solo exhibition of photographs by California-based artist, Amy Auerbach. Soft and dreamlike, Amy's images are like intuitive glances of the world around her, fixing moments of vision just as memory fixes moments of time.

Her work fuses together light and water to create other realities, ranging from the abstract to the surreal. Liquidity, both as subject matter and as organizing form, appears throughout her photography. In the color series What the Sea/Saw, a study of beaches and ocean, the rhythm of the waves evokes dreams and memories, the roar of the ocean suspends time, and the shimmer of light from a swell of a wave summons responses from within. Images from the series Vanishing Waterfront show that less natural places - dilapidated industrial areas - when seen through the veil of water and light, become fading souvenirs, landscapes upon which the shutter silently tells time like the tick of a clock. Sometimes mysterious images appear; other times graceful and poetic visions emerge.


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Images © Amy Auerbach