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Coastal Pinholes

October 7
November 7, 2005



Monterey-based photographer, Martha Casanave, always considered herself an "indoor" photographer, focusing primarily on people - portraits and nudes - in the home environment or studio. She befriended many of the landscape photographers in the Monterey area, including Brett Weston, Ansel Adams and Morley Baer, and photographed them.. always indoors.

So it was with some skepticism that she accepted the offer from a friend to join him in photographing on the rocks along the coast, her first foray into outdoor landscape photography. Not satisfied with the "natural scene", she began to add props and figures to create what she jokingly refers to as the "unnatural" or "supernatural" scene.

The resulting images, Coastal Pinholes, reflect the fascination Martha holds for the mystery of photography. The scenes are magical, composed with an eye to fantasy and to the surreal. The infinite depth of field inherent to the pinhole camera emphasizes visual elements both near and far and the long exposure times do tricks with reality. Water is transformed into clouds and people become ghosts. The mysterious figure in black 19th century clothing who appears in many of the images may be leading us somewhere. To Martha, he personifies the principle she subscribes to: that doing creative work will take you where you've never been, where you need to go and where the unknown will become known.


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