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July 1 - August 1, 2005

Jeri Eisenberg
Leah Macdonald
Fawn Potash



Galerie BMG is pleased to present a group exhibition of encaustic photographs, featuring the work of Jeri Eisenberg, Leah Macdonald & Fawn Potash. Encaustic is an ancient Greek medium, using wax to add translucent layers which alter and transform the original image. Each of the artists, using photography as the original medium, employs their own distinctive techniques in creating their unique, one-of-a-kind images.

Jeri Eisenberg's landscapes of trees are obscured by using an oversized pinhole or a radically defocused lens, allowing only the strongest brush strokes to emerge. The images become "sketches with light", literally and figuratively. Treating the images with encaustic further removes them from the traditional photographic window on reality. The resulting images float between there and not there, at times dissolving into abstraction, then reconfiguring themselves into recognizable form.

The images in Fawn Potash's "Winter Garden Series" begin with slightly solarized Polaroid film which are then toned in blue and sepia, playing up the confusion and harmony in the natural world. Adding layers of beeswax and inscribing drawings on the surface, move the work's photographic origins more toward the family of printmaking and drawing. These dark Victorian-looking landscapes come across as other-worldly, more like drawings of a place where summer and winter exist simultaneously, where twilight holds day and night in an odd balance, where water, sky and earth trade places.

Leah Macdonald's sensuous narratives of women are the culmination of a personal exchange with her subjects, sharing stories and secrets and revealing the intimate aspects of their true selves. The black & white images are adorned with beeswax, scratched and painted, resulting in a strong, moody, feminine narration of the shared experience.


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Images © Jeri Eisenberg, Leah Macdonald, Fawn Potash