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Pictorial Landcapes

Nov 11- Dec 5, 2005



Galerie BMG is pleased to present a collection of photographs by Rick Jelovsek, entitled "Pictorial Landscapes". Based in Tennessee, Jelovsek began his work focused on the Southern Appalachian Highlands, and then expanded his images as he traveled throughout the country.

Using infra-red film, Jelovsek attempts to achieve an impressionistic black and white mood with an emphasis on the emotional impact of an image rather than the subject matter itself. He succeeds exquisitely, with his grainy images of trees, mountains, and rivers which appear almost like etchings or pointillist paintings.

Jelovsek claims his style can be traced back to the movement of Pictorialism in the early 20th century when photographers, emerging as fine artists, began to make their photographs more "painterly". Later, in the mid-1950's, photo-documentation emerged with its sharper, more realistic images. These images represent his "revisit to pictorialism in landscape photography".

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All images © Rick Jelovsek