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Sept 2 –Oct 3, 2005



Galerie BMG is pleased to present an exhibition of work by photographer, Lori Nix. Currently based in New York City, Lori has lived most of her life in the rural Midwest. A childhood spent playing in open fields and witnessing countless storms and natural disasters has left her with a deep affection for the American landscape.

This love of the land and sky in its endless variations, and a fascination with the absurdities of life has developed into a series of constructed environments that form the basis of her photographs. Cardboard, plaster, faux fur and paint are employed to create highly detailed dioramas for the camera. Like a movie still, Lori's photographs capture the drama mid-story and it's up to the viewer to complete the narrative.

Blurring the line between truth and illusion, she subverts the traditions of landscape photography in order to create her own humorously dark world. Her photographs toy with romantic notions of landscape and her lush, rich color and theatrical lighting magnify a sense of isolation and melancholy. The obvious artificiality of the scenes does not diminish the tension created in the photographs. It is the 'fake' quality that enhances the enjoyment of the illusion.

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All images © Lori Nix