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Toward Omega

April 15
May 23, 2005



In conjunction with the release of the artist's new book of the same name, Galerie BMG is pleased to present Toward Omega, an exhibition of photographs by Vincent Serbin. The show will run from April 15 through May 23, 2005.

Vincent Serbin's work has been described as both mythological and metaphysical. His mythological dimension evolved into imagery that features nude angelic figures complimented by geometrical, mystical and scientific references. He coined the term "metaphysical graffiti" to describe his unique method of cutting and tearing, and then collaging, his negatives to create a unique visual style.

John Woods, in his introduction to the book, cites the "Omega Point" as the goal of evolution, for both man and the universe. "Serbin has illustrated le phenomene humain, the great evolutionary road we traverse from apes to angels, our progress toward the Omega Point, our monumental history".

The exhibition will feature all of the eleven images included in the book, Toward Omega. The limited edition book of 60 copies, with silver gelatin prints, hand-printed and signed by the artist, will also be available for viewing and order at the gallery.


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