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Fifth Anniversary One of a Kind Group Show


Fifth Anniversary

One of a Kind
Group Show

October 24 -
November 30, 2009


1 Jeri Eisenberg Treetops 2 Jeri Eisenberg On The Sea 3 Jeri Eisenberg Redbud 4 Yumiko Izu Secret Garden Noir 44 5 Yumiko Izu Secret Garden Blanc 90 6 Eddie Soloway Walk in the Forest 7 Eddie Soloway Early Morning Canoe 8 Steven Meyers Horsetail 9 Steven Meyers Honesty 10 Dan Burkholder Gathering of Trees 11 Leah Macdonald Judi's Flowers 12 Leah Macdonald Lace Skirt 13 Brigitte Carnochan Campanula 14 Vincent Serbin Photogram #6 15 Vincent Serbin Photogram #23 16 Vincent Serbin Photogram #10 17 Craig Barber Bird House Trio 18 Craig Barber Vigilant 19 Craig Barber Altar


To celebrate its fifth anniversary this October, Galerie BMG is hosting a unique group show of one of a kind photographs, created especially for this occasion by many of the gallery's artists.

Participating photographers include Craig J. Barber, Dan Burkholder, Brigitte Carnochan, Jeri Eisenberg, Yumiko Izu, Leah Macdonald, Steven Meyers, Vincent Serbin, and Eddie Soloway. Several of them will be contributing work that is new in subject matter, medium or format for the first public viewing. Each image will be a unique edition of one in celebration of this special event.

The exhibition is intended to express our appreciation to the artists and to all of the gallery's supporters who have contributed to its success over the past five years.

Contact us for further information regarding any of the artists' work.

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