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Griffith & Gerson

Paintings & Photographs

June 9 - July 4, 2006



Joel Griffith
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Bernard Gerson
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Galerie BMG presents a mixed media exhibition by two local artists who challenge the conventional expectations of painting and photographic styles. Most often, one thinks of photography as detailed, precise and exact.. and painting as suggestive or expressive. In this exhibition, Joel Griffith and Bernard Gerson, painter and photographer respectively, reverse their artistic roles. Griffith's paintings are almost photographic in their realistic depictions…stunning in their precision and clarity, while Gerson's photographs are dreamy and poetic, more akin to abstract paintings.

Both artists reflect the beauty and reality of the Hudson Valley landscape. Griffith paints along the roadsides and in the fields in the northwest corner of Dutchess County, close to his hometown of Tivoli, where he was recently honored with the title of "Painter Laureate". Gerson, likewise, captures his images while driving or walking through the Catskill Mountains surrounding his home.

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Images © Joel Griffith, Bernard Gerson