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Joy Goldkind



Contemporary Bromoil

May 23 - July 4, 2011


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Galerie BMG is delighted to host "Contemporary Bromoil ", an exhibition of photographs by Joy Goldkind, curated from two of the photographer's recent bodies of work: Adagio and Distortions. Both series are accomplished using her signature bromoil process, allowing her to create soft, delicate and ethereal imagery with a unique artistic vision. Adagio focuses on the dancing figure, abstracted with timed exposures to portray movement through space and light. Distortions is a series dealing with self-image and the mirrored reflection that is a powerful force in the perception of one's own reality.

As the digital world has advanced and film has declined, Joy has adapted her techniques to combine the old with the new. Her negatives now come from a digital camera and computer. After the negative is created, it goes to a traditional darkroom where the old bromoil process begins. A bromoil print is a silver gelatin image that has been bleached to remove the silver and then inked with a lithographic-like pigments to replace the silver. This process increases the softness and adds mystery to the images, taking them a step away from reality.

"I use the bromoil process to enhance the subject matter of the piece. The images from my work are at times created and inspired from a fantasy world to have an "otherwordly" quality. I use double exposure and slow shutter speed to change what is true and expected in a scene. The bromoil process gives me the freedom to soften, blur or completely erase an aspect of the original negative".

Joy graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology NYC in 1963. She later studied at the International Center for Photography where the magic and excitement of the darkroom and alternative processes inspired her to devote her artistic talents to photography. Joy's photographs have been featured in numerous international publications and exhibited across the country and internationally including a solo exhibition at the Museo Nationale Della Fotographia in Italy, where her work is in the permanent collection. Joy has just recently been honored by being awarded Photographer of the Year 2010 by The Worldwide Photography Gala Awards.

All photographs are bromoil prints in either 16" x 20" or 20" x 24" formats in editions of five prints. Select images are available in 20" x 30" formats.


Images © Joy Goldkind

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