past exhibition

Leah Macdonald


Female Fairytale

July 3 - August 3, 2009


Blue Dress Gathering - SOLD Gathering with Boys Longing Apples & the Orchard Ghost Sunflowers Reach - SOLD Time Traveler Lipstick - SOLD Vanity Antler Elephant Tree Gold Leaf Empty Womb Bleeding Wall - SOLD Alter Ego Lion Mask Blindfold Scratch Tearing Apart Tearing the Dress Guilty One Wing Abandonment Broken Window Sewing Hand on Her Shoulder Flowers & Lace Gesture Against The Wall Cut Fruit Four Pieces - SOLD Undress Swollen Belly Cuting Side Skirt Chandelier Bend Apart Peek - SOLD Pair of Leaves - SOLD Half Dress Disappointment Shadow Leaving Departure

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Female Fairytale is a new series of photographic and mixed media images by Philadelphia based artist, Leah Macdonald. Leah's sensuous narratives of women are a personal exchange with her subjects, sharing stories and secrets and revealing intimate aspects. Starting with silver gelatin and Hahnemuhle fine art prints, the black and white images are adorned with beeswax, scratched, painted, sometimes torn and reconstructed, resulting in a strong, moody, feminine narrative.

In this new series, Leah uses her traditional subjects, women, in a more narrative and autobiographical manner to describe her life's journey and inner thoughts through metaphors. The images were created using twenty-nine different women, posing in the same Victorian wedding dress, with each representing a different chapter in Leah's life as a woman, artist, wife and mother.

Using a diverse collection of film cameras and photographic tools, Leah's work merges nostalgic photographic methods with modern technology, along with an eclectic array of encaustic mixed media and various paper surfaces. The resulting images are both graceful and haunting and highlight Leah's unique vision and mastery of the craft of handmade art.

Images vary in size and format including 8 x 10 paper and wood mounted images in 8 x 10, 11 x 14, 16 x 20, 20 x 24 and 30 x 40 size formats.


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Images © Leah Macdonald