past exhibition

Leah Macdonald




July 8 - Aug 15, 2011

Artist's Reception:
July 9, 5-7 pm


Ladder Green Room Glass Oval Yellow Dress Apple Athena's Bird Bird Cage Brace Closet Ghost Collar Corner Door Embrace Fan Flowers Fruit Trio 1 Fruit Trio 2 Fruit Trio 3 Garland Green Pears Grey Stripes Laces Lavendar Long Skirt Long Veil Dress Repose Seven Stars Submission 2 Three Leaves Three Muses Underwater Veins White Lace Wing X

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Galerie BMG is delighted to host an exhibition of "Soliloquy", a new series of photographic and mixed media images by Philadelphia based artist, Leah Macdonald. Leah's sensuous narratives of women are a personal exchange with her subjects, sharing stories and secrets and revealing intimate aspects.

In this new series, which the artist refers to as "portraits of emotion", the images are about dreams and disappointments, imperfections, loneliness, fragility, mortality and identity, portrayed through solitary moments of self-reflection. Leah describes them as "emotional and thought provoking ….. penetrating without being rough…it connects to the soul…like when the snow has fallen and frozen the world…before you can hear the birds singing, you can feel your own beating heart and everything is alive but deadly silent…"

Starting with silver gelatin prints, the black and white images are painted with oils and wax, scratched, sometimes torn and reconstructed, resulting in a strong, moody, feminine narrative. The images are both graceful and haunting and exemplify Leah's unique vision and mastery of the craft of handmade art.

Speaking of her own "imperfect" vision, Leah says: "I am vision impaired: my one eye is like a hawk's, precise and crisp and my other eye is nearly blind, fuzzy and soft. There are moments of control and moments of intuition… focus /blur, focus/blur a seesaw back and forth until I find balance. I bounce between these worlds of focus and blur to etch my portraits of emotion".


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Images © Leah Macdonald