past exhibition

Leah Macdonald



Unlocking Whimsy

October 11, 2014 -January 4, 2015

Artist's Talk and Demonstration:
Nov 8, 4-6 pm


Twisted Steps Clown Act Colored Balloons Circle Dream Corpse Pose White Arm Unlocking Whimsy Unlocking Whimsy
Afternoon Dream Ribbon Blind Striped Fence Light Rain Behind the Lines Yellow Stage Seven Wings Static

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Galerie BMG will be featuring "Unlocking Whimsy", a new series of encaustic and mixed media photographs by Leah Macdonald. Leah's sensuous narratives of women are the culmination of a personal exchange with her subjects, sharing stories and secrets and revealing the intimate aspects of their true selves. The images are adorned with beeswax, scratched and painted, sometimes torn and reconstructed, resulting in a strong, moody, feminine narrative of the shared experience. Remaining focused on her typical women subjects, Leah has created this new work inspired by playfulness, allowing the unpredicted moments to happen.

Using a diverse collection of film cameras and photographic tools, Leah's work merges nostalgic photographic methods with modern technology, along with an eclectic array of encaustic mixed media and various paper surfaces. The resulting images are both graceful and haunting and highlight Leah's unique vision and mastery of the craft of handmade art.

My photographs are like paintings, and my prints from the darkroom very much like science experiments and my encaustics are purely play. A combination of different techniques and types of artistic expression combined together. Inspired by poetry, our subconscious, the female figure and light! I found playfulness in my work and I am using it to allow myself certain empty spaces and more freedom. A blank area is like relaxation for me- a place where I am not forced to fill it! The more I think about the surface of the piece the more I want it white. As we live in a world of lots of information, I am noticing what I can leave out or take away. Leaving pieces out inspires imagination and invites you to play with me.

Leah Macdonald

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Images © Leah Macdonald