past exhibition

Lynn Bianchi




Aug 19 - Sept 26, 2011


1 & 8 Harmony 2 Moonlight 3 Support 4 Encircle 5 Chandelier 6 Encompassed by Light 7 Balance Gold 9 Balance 10 Illumination 11 Apersand 12 Fireball 1 13 Ampersand Gold 14 Touch 15 Twins 16 & 19 Ula Chandelier 17 Contemplation 18 Woman with Parasol


Galerie BMG is delighted to host "Continuum ", an exhibition of Lynn Bianchi's "Globe" and "Gold Leaf" collections. The images have a magical quality, created by the artist's unique use of light. In the Globe series, each photograph evokes silence and stillness, with a translucent light emanating from the center of the globe and bathing the figures in softness. In the Gold Leaf Collection, the unique sense of light is achieved by the artist transferring a silver gelatin photograph onto a transparency and gilding twice with 22-karat gold leaf. The result is an inner glowing light enveloping the figures.

According to the artist "the light represents our connection to the earth, each other, and the Universe. It becomes a continuum, making the viewer an integral part of each piece, moving the light continually in both directions, inside and out. In both series, a peaceful yet vigorous energy begins and ends at the same point, joining viewer and subject in a shared experience."

Lynn Bianchi is a prolific artist based in New York City, whose work has been shown internationally in over 30 solo exhibitions and in museums worldwide. Her photographic art has been featured in over 40 international publications, and belongs to private collectors as well as the permanent collections of museums including The Museum of Fine Arts in Houston, the Brooklyn Museum in New York and the Biblioteque Nationale de France in Paris. Her book "Heavy in White" was recently published.

Images are avaiable in limited editions of five, six or eight prints, dependng on the size and medium.


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Images © Lynn Bianchi