Leah Macdonald


Leah Macdonald


2012 - 2013 Images
Leah Macdonald Pink Leah Macdonald Blue Door Leah Macdonald Backyard Leah Macdonald Identity Leah Macdonald Indulge Leah Macdonald Lantern Leah Macdonald Guardian Leah Macdonald Lauxmout Leah Macdonald Pedestal Leah Macdonald Tangled Leah Macdonald Touch Leah Macdonald Dress Split Leah Macdonald Blue Dust Leah Macdonald Collar Leah Macdonald Tulips Leah Macdonald Wisteria Leah Macdonald White Sheet Leah Macdonald Summer Sheets Leah Macdonald Ether Leah Macdonald Long Leg Leah Macdonald Gold Dust Leah Macdonald Red Roses (Chest Bouquet) Leah Macdonald White Gloves Leah Macdonald Dream of Poppies Leah Macdonald Kandy's Door Leah Macdonald Golden Crown Leah Macdonald Pink Parasol



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artist's statement

Photographs in Wax

My work is a dialogue between my imagination, my curiosity, my imperfections, and my desires. I silently sing the tale of womanhood, telling stories through still frames of captured life and fleeting emotion. Exploring women with my lens brings me to a place of curiosity and the unknown. Mystery arises from photographs of people, secrets from within the hidden truths of their bedrooms, their smooth and natural flesh, their dry and slightly parted lips: I capture the essence of these moments on film.

I am a portrait artist and I photograph people, primarily women, and then embellish the photographs with layers of beeswax, colored wax, painting and drawing. Adding wax and texture and color changes the photographs. I use paper as an extension of my skin: I pull it and peel it away, wash it, paint it, tear it and mark it. I use wax to embellish and veil the nudity of my subjects and I draw to decorate and control their environment. The ability to layer mediums and constantly change appearance and texture allows me to stray from reality and reach the playground of my imagination. I am fascinated by images from nature and designs that have floral and intricate forms.

My diversity and experience in the realms of photography, encaustic painting and mixed media continue to merge and complement one another. A stained photograph and a ripped corner speak of life's lessons. Each mistake is ultimately important to me. My work is close to home and reflects my true self, it hints to my flaws, and I accept the beauty of my accidents. My personal work has become a collection of artifacts from my own life experiences.

Leah Macdonald's images are one of a kind, either framed or mounted on wood panel, in varying sizes.

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