past exhibition

Mark Stetler


Nature Without Glass

Jan 5 - Feb 12, 2007


Mark Stetler Ashokan 002 Mark Stetler Ashokan 003 Mark Stetler Slide Mtn 002 Mark Stetler Ashokan 001 Mark Stetler Lake Erie 001 Mark Stetler Maine 001 Mark Stetler Peekamoose Mtn 001 Mark Stetler Lake Erie 002 Mark Stetler Esopus 001 Mark Stetler Ashokan 005 Mark Stetler Ashokan 004

Nature Without Glass is the first exhibition of fine art photography by Mark Stetler, a resident of Olive, New York and a successful commercial photographer in Manhattan. While his NYC career has focused on fashion and portraiture, this new body of personal work builds on his affinity with nature and combines it with his fascination with the pinhole camera to presents his own unique viewpoint.

Mark hikes into the woods or along the coast or in the mountains near his home and returns with images that reveal hidden places and give us a glimpse of a rare moment in time, not typically seen. The enigmatic color landscapes are shot "without glass", using a pinhole camera to capture those mysterious moments just before dawn or the obscured vision in stormy weather.

Mark Stetler moved to New York in 1994 to pursue his life long interest in photography and worked as an assistant to Richard Avedon, which further fueled his interest in the photography industry and in portraiture, in particular. Mark has achieved worldwide visibility through his recognition as a Mamiya Emerging Photographer and through publication of his images of September 11, shot from the rooftop of his apartment near the World Trade Center.

All images are chromogenic prints in editions of ten. Sizes are 32 x 32, 43 x 19 or 51 x 23.

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Images © Mark Stetler