past exhibition

Pamela Fingerhut


Female Taxonomy

Sept 12 - Oct 20, 2008


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"Female Taxonomy" by New York based visual artist Pamela Fingerhut, explores issues of women's identity, body image, beauty and aging. The artist has combined portraits of women representing diverse demographics with images of dolls, resulting in a series of photomontages that offer yet a third persona, provoking dialogue about society's stereotypes of women.

In the course of the two years it took to create and complete the project, Pamela photographed over forty women of diverse ages, backgrounds and ethnicities and a collection of forty-six different dolls lent to her by friends, family and antique doll dealers. After compiling twelve hundred separate doll and female portraits, she began to experiment and meld together the portraits, combining layers of multiple fragments from different photographs to create each new image.

The result is a powerful, seductive and provocative series of images, which the artist describes as a "magical representation of her sub-conscious thoughts on perception vs. reality and outer vs. inner beauty. "

Pamela Fingerhut began her studies of fine art at the age of twelve at the Corcoran Gallery of Art School in Washington. D.C. Augmenting her early training, she earned a BA from University of Hartford and an MA, Summa Cum Laude, from Long Island University. She studied sculpture at the Art Student's League and later digital photography, studio lighting and computer arts at the International Center for Photography in NYC.

All images are digital photomontages and are available in any of three size formats: 13.5 x 20, 26.6 x 40 and 40 x 60 in editions of eight images per size.


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Images © Pamela Fingerhut