past exhibition



December 14, 2012 -
February 11, 2013

Rita Bernstein
Christa Bowden
Hope Kahn
Leah Macdonald
Kara Taylor


Leah Macdonald Glass Oval Leah Macdonald Small wing Leah Macdonald Long Skirt Leah Macdonald Laundry Line Leah Macdonald Innocence Leah Macdonald Green Bouquet Leah Macdonald Ladder II Leah Macdonald Letter Dress Leah Macdonald Fish Dress Leah Macdonald Hidden Eyes Leah Macdonald Cascade Leah Macdonald Fall Girl Leah Macdonald Repose II Hope Kahn Cameo Hope Kahn Offering Kara Taylor The Ceremony Kara Taylor Squibnocket Kara Taylor Marble Landscape 8 Kara Taylor The Remains Kara Taylor Marble Landscape11 Christa Kreeger Bowden Root 1 Christa Kreeger Bowden Untitled Capers Island SC Christa Kreeger Bowden Skeletal Leaf Christa Kreeger Bowden Muscadine 1 Rita Bernstein Address the Move Rita Bertnstein Before the Move Rita Bernstein Accident Rita Bernstein Blackbird Rita Bernstein Witness Rita Bernstein Change Your Mind


Encaustic is an ancient Greek medium, using wax to add translucent layers which alter and transform the original image. The artists included in this group exhibition start with fine art photography as the original medium and combine it with the encaustic process, each one employing their own distinctive techniques of painting, etching, drawing and collage to create their unique, one-of-a-kind images.

The exhibition will include Leah Macdonald's sensuous narratives of women, Rita Bernstein's dream-like explorations of the complex mysteries of the human psyche, botanical compositions by Christa Kreeger Bowden, portraits by Hope Kahn, and photomontage landscapes by Kara Taylor.


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