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Regan Stacey



Oct 12 - Nov 19, 2007


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Galerie BMG is pleased to present "Jane", an exhibition of cyanotype photograms by Mystic, Connecticut artist, Regan Stacey. Initially inspired by the birth of her daughter, Jane, named for her great-grandmother, Regan has spent the past 4 years exploring the passing of early childhood, using antique and vintage clothing. "The use of period clothing allows us to envision and imagine previous generations as children." For Regan, it is about "bringing the past into the present as reminder of where we came from, who we came from, and where we are going." Her work explores a kind of "handing down" of our childhood experiences to the next generation, while celebrating the spirit of a small child in each image. Her luminous images bring the spirit of that child to life again, if even for a moment…a moment as brief as childhood itself.

Regan believes that "as childhood passes, it leaves behind a wardrobe of 'soft shells'; the only physical evidence of our small self." By embracing the life cycle through the perspective of childhood, she is revealing the most vulnerable, delicate, and moldable years of our lives. She records these "soft shells" using the cyanotype process. The process was chosen for its vibrant, yet tranquil, blue tone and for its historical significance. The cyanotype process was patented in 1842 by Sir John Herschel and was itself at the birth of photographic history. She hand-applies light sensitive iron salt chemistry to paper, allows it to dry in the dark, then places an object of clothing on top and exposes it to light. When developed in water and allowed to oxidize to a cyan blue, the image leaves behind an almost ghostly impression. Each photogram is considered an original handmade print.

Regan studied photography at the Everett Community College in Everett, Washington and attended several alternative photo workshops at the Photographic Center Northwest where she studied under the tutelage of Tom Harris. Her cyanotypes have been recognized with awards at local and national shows.

Each cyanotype photogram is considered an original hand-made print. Although they are created in limited numbered editions or "variants" of six or ten, no two are exactly alike in color, contrast, grain, position, or clarity of fabric folds. Each print is signed, dated, numbered and titled. Prices increase as variants are sold. Sizes range from 5"x 7" to 21"x 34".

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