past exhibition

Regional Redux



Tom Chesnut
Taylor Gillis
Michael Marston

January 16,-
February 16, 2009


1 Taylor Gillis 4 2 Tom Chesnut The Tao  3 Michael Marston Geysir  4 Michael Marston Jokulsarlon 5 Tom Chesnut Reverie 6 Tom Chesnut Pastel Morning 7 Tom Chesnut Chapman Pond 8 Tom Chesnut The Golden Hour 9 Taylor Gillis 9 10 Taylor Gillis 5 11 Taylor Gillis 1 12 Taylor Gillis 2 13 Tom Chesnut Cascade Pond 14 Tom Chesnut Adirondack Evening 15 Michael Marston Fagridalur 16 Tom Chesnut Zen Pond 17 Tom Chesnut Spring Mist 18 Taylor Gillis 6 19 Taylor Gillis 3 20 Taylor Gillis 8 21 Taylor Gillis 10  22 Michael Marston Lon 23 Tom Chesnut Frozen Stillness 24 Taylor Gillis 7 Michael Marston Svínafellsjökull


In keeping with our mission to provide opportunities to new, emerging and local artists to exhibit their work, Galerie BMG is pleased to host Regional Redux, an invitational exhibition awarded to three photographers who participated in the 30th Photography Regional Juried Exhibition at the Albany Center Galleries, Albany, NY, in May 2008.

Tom Chesnut's Stillness series offers a meditative reflection of the wilderness unspoiled by human presence. The simple visual designs and abstract compositions emphasize the artist's spiritual connection with the natural world he has captured.

Taylor Gillis's Stems, Leaves images are compositions created from the basic elements of flowers …the small details contributing to the plant's beauty which are often overlooked. The resulting images illustrate the potential which exists within us to look for, and find beauty and inspiration everywhere.

Michael Marston's Iceland landscapes present the improbable quality of this unique landscape, a harsh and isolated realm, beyond conventional standards of beauty. The artist has captured the geological, cultural and mythic associations of this landscape in a visual drama which emerges from the tension between its beauty and violence.

Tom Chesnut's images are archival inkjet prints matted to 16 x 20 in editions of 25. Taylor Gillis's images are black and white darkroom prints from Polaroid negatives, matted to 16 x 20, in editions of 30. Michael Marston's images are 32 x 40 digital C-prints in editions of 6.

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Images ©Tom Chesnut, Taylor Gillis, Michael Marston