Angela Bacon-Kidwell
Traces of Existence

WOODSTOCK TIMES -July 12, 2012
SMART ART by Paul Smart

Somber and Liberating

Do you know the murky contemporary fairytale world of the late Angela Carter, where the dreams burst forth into memory and possibly everyday life with macabre or at least unsettling force? There's something similar to that half-remembered nightmare that's almost as enjoyable as it is frightening in the black and white photographs of Angela Bacon-Kidwell, which Bernard Gerson will be showing this summer, starting with an artist's reception this photo-busy Saturday evening, July 14.

"By stretching the image to near disintegration by burning, freezing and submersions I seek to release my emotions and give respect to a life that has been fully lived," the artist states of her intentions. "The emotions I sought to bandage together resulted in a somber, but completely liberating experience.

Artists tend to speak like that...about the process by which they uncover the themes and emotional realities the rest of us then utilize to access our own memories and deeply hidden emotions and underlying psychological realities. These words, while subtly and beautifully-rendered, play with deeply personal elements that are then bent and seemingly tortured into new complexities. Chaos is summoned...and then bottled. Danger, anyone?

On a technical level, each image involves layers of hand-painting, resin overlays and marks making - as seems to be the way of so many these days. There's an element of digital manipulation, but also loads of hand-touched effects. Each image, we are let to know, is printed and re-photographed under various conditions in one final effort to "heal the tender wounds that bind the artist's existence."

Bacon-Kidwell, who has showed at BMG successfully in the past, comes out of Texas and has been winning top awards for what she's doing now. She was recently honored to be invited as a Guest Lecturer at the Annenberg Space for Photography in Los Angeles.

"Traces of Existence," as her exhibit is being called, will be up through August 20. ++

Galerie BMG shows photographic art that searches for release

Angela Bacon-Kidwell - Healing through photography

Angela Bacon-Kidwell has experienced joy and pain, and, as an artist, she wanted to display her experiences through her work. The result is "Traces of Existence," a new exhibit at Galerie BMG in Woodstock. In the exhibit, Bacon-Kidwell creates a photographic narrative combining images, drawings and resin. Through layering, she distorts and abstracts the images, hoping to find release and, then, a chance for healing.

What: "Traces of Existence" When: Noon-5 p.m. Fri.-Mon., July 13-Aug. 20
Where: Galerie BMG, 12 Tannery Brook Road, Woodstock
Price: Free
Information: Call 679-0027 or visit