Lynn Bianchi Exhibition

Woodstock Times -August 18, 2011
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Continuum at BMG

There's a sense of continuity growing amongst the artists Bernard Gerson is showing at his Galerie BMG on Tannery Brook Road. Their photographs incorporate a sense of beauty that's simultaneously lush and stark, painterly elements, a constancy of fine craftsmanship, and a gentle and often uplifting aesthetic. In many ways, they hark back to the early Pictorial days of photographic art, and at times could be seen as neo-Secessionist, in reference (and deference) to that century-old movement that first saw the medium seek its own equivalency to the rest of art.

BMG's newest exhibit, of Lynn Bianchi's "Globe" and "Gold Leaf" process works opening this weekend, is actually entitled Continuum, as if in acknowledgement of Gerson's consistency of vision over the years.

"The images have a magical quality, created by the artist's unique use of light," he writes of the New York City artist's works, often involving nudes in surreal settings. "In the Globe series, each photograph evokes silence and stillness, with a translucent light emanating from the center of the globe and bathing the figures in softness. In the Gold Leaf Collection, the unique sense of light is achieved by transferring a silver gelatin photograph onto a transparency and gilding twice with 22-karat gold leaf. The result is an inner glowing light enveloping the figures."

Bianchi, whose work has been shown internationally in over 30 solo exhibitions, and as part of numerous international publications, has also gained fame for her three dimensional photo works of late, captured in the recent book "Heavy in White."

"I let the objects themselves dictate scenarios and I shoot photographs specific to the objects that will use them," she has added of these newer works, many of them focused as much on the concept of women's body-consciousness as the pictorial qualities that have attacted Gerson's attention.

Ah, secessionů100 plus years on!++