Within Shadows

Hudson Valley Magazine - November 2008
Polly's Picks by Polly Sparling

L.A. based photographer Susan Burnstine seems to be one part artist, one part ghost whisperer. Her work - hazy, black-and-white photographs taken with homemade cameras - all seem to depict people and places of some netherworld, at once ethereal and haunting.

The recent subject of a Fine Art TV documentary, Burnstine's show, "Within Shadows" is on display at Galerie BMG through Dec. 1 with an artist's reception Nov 8, 5-7 pm.

Woodstock Times - October 30, 2008
Catching the Liminal by Paul Smart

Bernard Gerson's travels to photo fairs around the world are paying off for Woodstock gallery-goers in the form of ever more savvy exhibits demonstrating what's up in the collector's side of the form these days. Combined with the Center for Photography at Woodstock's emphasis on cutting edge new uses of the has made the town something of a mecca for photo lovers in the Northeast.

Gerson's latest discovery is Chicago-born L.A. artist Susan Burnstine, whose dreamy and soft focus photographs, featured at Galerie BMG through the remainder of the fall, mirrors the gallery owner's own work at times.

The new exhibition entitled "Within Shadows", curated by Gerson from the photographer's two recent series, "On Waking Dreams" and "Between", "explores the shadowy line between dreams and raliaty and the imperceptible space between moments in time", as the artist herself has put it.

The idea is the medium's ability to capture fleeting moments, a re-visioning of Henri Cartier Bresson's famous focus on decisiveness.