Keith Carter
Ordinary Magic

Woodstock Times Almanac - May 17, 2007
by Paul Smart

Magic Happens - on film
Photographic works by Keith Carter on view in Woodstock this weekend

Keith Carter may be as close as one gets to a true interpreter of the literary art of magical realism in a photographic form. Although he travels and shoots as far afield as anyone in his field, he's best known for his twilight glimpses into the private dream worlds of American children (or us adults dreaming of their childhood) and the manner in which he uses both the camera and darkroom to evince hard-to-get-at emotional truths. It's hard in other words, to look at a Carter image without slipping into one of those rare but always-sought-for "aha" moments of inner recognition.

That he's having a show of his works at a small gallery in the area over the coming weeks, in anticipation of a workshop and lecture that he'll be giving as a season-opener for the Center for Photogrpahy at Woodstock, is lucky for us. This is world-class work, and Carter in person is a truly amiable artist - yet always pushing himself to new levels of achievment, new avenues of questing and discovery. That makes, as many of us have suspected for quite some time now, the Galerie BMG space in which he'll be showing starting this coming weekend, as well as its owwner/curator Bernard Gerson, just as first rate on a world-class level.

"Keith Carter: Ordinary Magic" runs from May 18 through June 18, with an artist's reception on June 1 from 6 -8 p.m.The gallery is located at 12 Tannery Brook Road, just off Tinker Street. For further information visit or call 679-0027.