Pamela Fingerhut
Female Taxonomy

Woodstock Times - October 2, 2008
Smart Art by Paul Smart

Women appearance, culture...BMG

The show Bernard Gerson's had up for the last few weeks at his Galerie BMG on Tannery Brook Road is a show-stopper, a set-changer, a mind-melder, and context-shifter.

"Female Taxonomy" by New York based visual artist Pamela Fingerhut, explores issues of women's identity, body image, beauty and aging, by combining portraits of women of varying sorts with images of dolls, resulting in a series of photomontages that are creepy but technically beautiful, provocative but also thoughtful. Once seen, they're hard to forget.

The work has the feel of the best horror…tying into deep ways of seeing, odd juxtapositions we may feel at times but hardly admit. But it also, via image sizes and Gerson's expert hanging of this show, is firmly planted in the language of contemporary art, conjuring memories of Cindy Sherman's raw, sexualized self-portraits of the mid 1980s and Rauschenberg's, of brutish Paul McCarthy works and brooding Kenneth Anger films.

The inaugural solo show of "Female Taxonomy" will be on display at the gallery just off Tinker Street at 12 Tannery Brook Road through October 20. For more information, please call 845-679-0027 or visit