Group Exhibition of New Artists

Woodstock Times - January 13, 2011
SMART ART by Paul Smart

Photographic aficionados

The idea behind Galerie BMG's new exhibit featuring innovations in photography, opening this weekend, is quite in keeping with the beautiful little gallery's usual array of shows. It emphasizes both the timeless beauty of traditional photographic processes, when handled well, as well as the many subtle ways in which newer artistic ideas and practices have engaged the medium in recent years. And yet it's also a departure in many ways, most importantly by being a rare BMG group show. And featuring all new artists to our local market of contemporary photographic aficionados.

Featured will be Charles Grogg, a creator of delicate sewn botanical works; Andreas Rentsch's "Entangled with Justice" series of prisoner Polaroid negatives; Paul Rider's studio-created paper landscapes; Jennifer Schlesinger's "Object Diaspora" of large format pinhole camera memory still lives, and Jessica Somers' intimate series, "Bend So Not to Break," exploring the balance between the choices one makes and the uncontrollable circumstances that intervene with these choices in a series of subtly printed smaller works.

It will all be up Fridays through Mondays through February 14 at 12 Tannery Brook Road in the center of Woodstock. For more information call 679-0027 or visit