METROLAND - - Thursday, November 22, 2007
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San Francisco-area artist with a Hudson Valley connection (she went to Vassar), Mary Daniel Hobson uses her mixed media works to "express her passion for photography as well as her fascination with surrealism." Or, as Camera Arts magazine observed in summer 2003, "These mixed media collages aim to shift the viewer's focus away from the external shapes and textures of human form toward the internal experiential and emotional dimensions that exist under the skin."

Remnants, the show of Hobson's work opening Friday at Galerie BMG, will feature works from three recent series of photographic collages, Mapping the Body, Milagros and Evocations. Pictured is In Memory (2002).

WOODSTOCK TIMES - - Thursday, December 6, 2007
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Weekend Arts Fest

It's a big weekend in Woodstock: Second Saturday, December 8, and the preceding Friday, the annual holiday bash, our Woodstock Open House. As a result, there's a wealth of arts-related events, many with an egalitarian, fun-filled holiday theme, as well as the opportunity for last-minute gift-purchasing. Here are some of the highlights…

...Looking for a respite from all the holiday cheer? Well, get yourself over to Galerie BMG for its latest in what's become a perfect row of great exhibitions: West Coast artist Mary Daniel Hobson's "Remnants," a surrealistically-imagined and texturally-crafted mixed media presentation of an artist's obsession with the body and other endlessly fascinating subjects.

The show, which fills much of the main downstairs' rooms of Bernard Gerson's exquisite gallery, brings together examples of several of Hobson's recent series of works.

"Mapping the Body" uses layered photographic collages to explore the emotions and experiences that become imprinted on our bodies and "enter beneath the surface of the skin to become part of our inner worlds."

"Milagros," occupying a similarly tactile universe, combines photographs of people's arms and hands with symbolic images given depth with the inclusion of their own handwritten messages expressing individual wishes for miracles or positive change in their lives. "The series is dedicated to hope and positive change in the world," Gerson has said of their power.

Most recently, Hobson's "Evocations" series faces the mysterious head-on via hand-made constructions of bottles with photographs, old maps and art papers inside them.

"The use of symbols and objects of mysterious significance intensifies the dreamlike quality, the emotional awareness of a fragment of memory which remains just out of reach," says Gerson. This is heady stuff... and haunting. Perfect for drawing out the many sub-themes that some of us recognize populating this season.

It's all up at Galerie BMG, 12 Tannery Brook Road, through the end of the month. Call 679-0027 or visit for further information.