Joy Goldkind Exhibition
Contemporary Bromoil

Woodstock Times -June 2, 2011
Smart Art by Paul Smart

The current show at Galerie BMG, Contemporary Bromoil, demonstrates the manner in which classic photography is newly utilizing old techniques to make contemporary commentary on the odd mix of past and present that are our lives, and dreams, these days.

Joy Goldkind, whose works here have been curated by BMG’s Bernard Gerson from two recent bodies of work entitled Adagio and Distortions, works with digitally-taken and computer-refined negatives that she then prints using a bromoil darkroom process that uses bleach and lithographic-like ink pigments to create effects that “increase the softness and adds mystery to the original images, taking them a step away from reality,” as Gerson has put it.

“The Bromoil Process was used by photographers of the pictorial movement because they wanted their work to have a more artistic rendering. It is this step away from the clear photographic interpretation that I am looking for in my images,” the Long Island-based artist says of her work, which most recently has focused on dancers’ gestures and the further movements they can intimate. “The images from my work are at times created and inspired from a fantasy world to have an ‘otherworldly’ quality…Creativity by deviating from the predictable is a valuable tool for furthering the artistic vision. Basic techniques are simply a starting point in the process of developing a recognizable style… The portrait for me is a picture of a person’s place in life as well as what that individual feels inside.”

According to Gerson: “Adagio focuses on the dancing figure, abstracted with timed exposures to portray movement through space and light. Distortions is a series dealing with self-image and the mirrored reflection that is a powerful force in the perception of one’s own reality.

Goldkind, a graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology NYC, has had her works featured in numerous international publications and exhibited across the country and internationally, including a recent solo exhibition at the Museo Nationale Della Fotographia in Italy, where her work is in the permanent collection. She was just awarded Photographer of the Year 2010 by The Worldwide Photography Gala Awards.++