Leah Macdonald Exhibition

Woodstock Times -November 30, 2006
Smart Art by Paul Smart

Tied Up in Life

Galerie BMG owner/curator/sweeper/ Bernard Gerson sure has an eye for what feels right each season. His new exhibit, Entangled, Photographs by Leah Macdonald - opening as part of the Open House extravaganza around town this Friday, December 1, from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. - plays the chill of winter, embodied in Macdonald's exquisite use of black and white imagery, against warming, luscious, personally rich interiority embodied in her subject matter, mostly women in various styles of portraiture, and surface brilliance manifested with a scratched beeswax veneer.

Talk about capturing the essence of these shortest of days coming quickly, when we huddle together for light and warmth wherever we can, using nostalgia and sentiment like twin electric heaters.

"Leah MacDonald's sensuous narratives of women are the culmination of a personal exchange with her subjects, sharing stories and secrets and revealing the intimate aspects of their true selves", Gerson has written of his new artist's show. "All of these unique, one-of-a kind images include one specific object --string or rope, presenting a metaphor for the tangled emotions, complicated situations and all the double meanings and uncertainties of life today. Women of all types, imperfect and human, are posed elegantly and with stature and then entangled in string. To the artist, and perhaps to viewers, this theme is suggestive of the intensity to which women are tied to things, family, jobs, duties and lovers…"

The exhibit stays up through December 31.