Ernestine Ruben

Photographs from the Human Bodies,
and Dancescapes Series

Metroland - September 10, 2009
Museums and Galleries

Ernestine Ruben's photographic career spans decades and rings the world. She has exhibited everywhere from Slovakia to Birmingham (England), presented workshops from New Jersey to Israel, and lectured from Brussels to Bethlehem, Pa. Her work has earned its place in the permanent collections of museums from Paris to Philadelphia, and in dozens of international books and catalogs.

This weekend, Galerie BMG presents an exhibition of Ruben's work encompassing more than 10 years of this prolific career and including several of her significant series, including Landscapes, Human Bodies and the most recent, Dancescapes.

According to Ruben herself, her work endeavors "to bring an image to life by rendering it human, dynamic and sentient." And according to ARTnews, it succeeds: "Ruben depicts outdoor scenes as pulsating with life. . . . An almost blinding light irradiates the surfaces, beautifully emphasizing the passion and mystery of these works."

The exhibition opens at Galerie BMG (12 Tannery Brook Road, Woodstock) tomorrow (Friday, Sept. 11) and runs through Oct. 19. For more information, call (845) 679-0027.