past exhibition

Richard Edelman



The Liminal Portrait

August 11 - October 8, 2012


1 Dance Monks #6 3 Lex Grey #8 4 Self #56 5 Zoe #6 6 Deena #6 7 Cherene #3 8 Cherene #5 9 Zoe #15
10 Lucinda #4 11 Ward #13 12 Pin #1 13 Nkoula #10 15 Nkoula #3 16 Zoe #9 17 Zoe #11 18 Nkoula #12 19 Zoe #14

Galerie BMG is pleased to announce a special exhibition of new work by Woodstock photographer Richard Edelman. The photographs comprising his "Liminal Portrait" series reveal transitional moments, combining the actions of a live model and the impressions formed by them on a custom-made pin screen. The subjects, whose facial expressions are obscured, present themselves with flowing body movements. The impressions that linger, as the model moves along the screen, are a whisper of the pose held moments ago, while light plays on the luminescent polymer pins. According to the artist, "The beauty of making photographs in this manner is that each session becomes, in effect, a performance".

Originally specializing in architectural photography, Richard has ventured into portraiture while maintaining some of his original focus, creating these images with a quirky architectural background in the yurt studio of his collaborator, Ward Fleming, who also constructed the unique large-scale pin screen. The two are planning to host a live performance event and photo shoot at the Pinscreen Studio in Palenville on Friday, September 7 at 7:00 pm, with a display of additional photographs from the series.

Richard Edelman received his MFA at Pratt Institute in 1980, and his BFA in photography from the Rochester Institute of Technology in 1972. He has taught photography at William Paterson University (NJ), been a member of the faculty at the New School and taught photography at the School of Visual Arts and International Center for Photography, all in New York City. His photographs are included in the numerous public and private collections and publications.

All images are available as pigmented inkjet prints in varying sizes from 17 1/2" x 24" to 31" x 44".


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Images © Richard Edelman