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Rita Maas


Skylight Views

Jan 15 - Feb 22, 2010



Rita Maas October 10, 2008 Rita Mas February 8,2009 Rita Mas November 6,2008 Rita Maas November 26, 2008

Rita Mas October 26,2008
Rita Maas October 22, 2008 Rita Mas December 15,2008 Rita Mas December 14,2008


Skylight Views, one of the latest series by Westchester photographer Rita Maas, is comprised of multiple images of the same view from a skylight in the artist's home, documenting its constantly shifting features at different moments in time.

Created with a unique visual perspective, the images invite the viewer to look both at and through the glass surface, becoming aware of the passage of time through the changing seasons and light. Shown in sequences, primarily in triptych format, Rita's intent is for "the images to create a visual language of fragmented moments, taking on temporal qualities of a slow quiet nature. The subject matter becomes the experience of seeing; common encounters in intimate and familiar places, explored moments where content and meaning become inseparable."

Rita's photographs have been featured in numerous exhibitions and cited for a number of awards across the country. Her artwork is included in several corporate and museum collections and has also been featured in various magazines and advertising campaigns over the past twenty years. Rita received her BFA in Photography in 1981 from the School of Visual Arts in New York after studying painting at Hartford Arts School at the University of Hartford.

Images are available in either 43" x 18" or 25" x 11" triptych formats or as individual 16" x 16" images.

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Images © Rita Maas