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New York
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artist's statement

In 1991, I began to cut and tear my negatives in an effort to explore various concepts related to collage imagery. This experiment soon developed into a series based on the method of composing images I call 'Negative Collage". Initially, the content took on a mythological dimension and inadvertently evolved into imagery that featured nude, angelic figures complimented by geometrical, mystical and scientific references. It occurred to me that the way I drew on my backgrounds and the various ways I distressed my negatives were 'graffiti-like". Since my content was metaphysical in nature, I began to use the phrase 'metaphysical graffiti" to describe my work.

Later, I began to focus on the metaphysical nature of time. This reflects our knowledge that the present moment is based on the coincidence of events in the past and in the future. Likewise our minds function by accessing our memories to make a decision about the future. To express this idea, I devised a diptych-like form, which juxtaposes two closely related negatives in a single image; the frame labeled 'event A" is a moment in the near past and 'event B", a moment in the future.

The work that I now create is a complex of text, various distressments, fragmented compositions, texture and color from chemical toners, optical distortions and cellophane tape.

All images are available in the following sizes: 11 x 14, 16 x 20 and 20 x 24. Selected images are available in 32 x 40.

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