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Susan kae Grant

Visions of an Insomniac



Susan kae Grant Balance Susan kae Grant Connected by Blood Susan kae Grant Dancing Girl Susan kae Grant Defiant Restraint Susan kae Grant Divided Enchantment Susan kae Grant Expedition Susan kae Grant Far From Home Susan kae Grant Flying Tigers Susan kae Grant Magic Stories Susan kae Grant Plunge Susan kae Grant Thorn Girl Susan kae Grant Warrior
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Visions on an Insomniac provides another chapter to the on-going body of work, Night Journey. These pieces explore the mysterious space between illusion and reality. The works consist of large scale digital images juxtaposed with cast shadows on the gallery walls. A nonsensical environment created in the gallery forges a relationship between visual and aural perception. The work provides visitors entry into an imaginary world of whimsical creations that portray life on the lyrical and playful edge of balance and stability. The images suggest a theatrical world that references the ridiculous, the tragic and the unexpected. The walls, floor and ceiling are illuminated with experimental lighting techniques to create a sense of surprise and wonder.

The content continues to address dreams, memory and the unconscious by using the shadow as metaphor yet deviates from the existing work by bringing actual shadows to life within the confines of a gallery space.

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