past exhibition

Susanna Briselli



Still - Life
Photo - Paintings

April 13 - May 21, 2012


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Galerie BMG welcomes the spring season with an exhibition of Susanna Briselli's "photo-paintings". Her classical still lifes combined with her more abstract floral and botanical imagery celebrate the beauty of our natural world as it re-awakens into full bloom.

Originally trained in painting and drawing, Susanna revisited an early interest in photography by combining one medium directly over another and exhibited the first "photo-paintings" in NYC in 1979. Over the next thirty years, her work has been commissioned and exhibited widely and included in numerous private collections and publications. The photographs are silver gelatin (black and white) prints on fiber paper with additional materials of artist's oils, stains, and graphite painted or drawn over them. With the recent advent and ubiquity of digital photography, Susanna has realized that the materials necessary to create her imagery are no longer readily available and has begun to refer to her technique as a "vintage" process.

According to the artist, "these photo paintings, based as they are in gelatin silver film and chemical printing, are now true vintage objects, even though they were made in the recent past. In addition to each one being one-of-a-kind, they can/will no longer be produced as you see them again".

All images are hand-painted silver prints on fiber paper 16" x 20" matted to 24" x 30".


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Images © Susanna Briselli