past exhibition

Tami Bone




Oct 12 - Dec 10, 2012


1 Nightfall 2 Black Winged Bird 3 The Epiphany 4 Mythos 5 Sinking Sun 6 Girl in the Moon 7 Lifeline 8 Smoke and Mirrors 9 Storm 10 La Nueva Vida 11 Milky Way 12 Opus 13 Galileo 14 Fish Story 15 Lullaby 16 Ebeneezer 17 Homecoming 18 Tempestas 19 Cypress 20 Diorama


Tami Bones' most recent and ongoing body of work, "Mythos" feature dreamy and soft-focused black and white images, woven into a personal and poetic narrative. Taken from fragments of memory and figments of imagination from a childhood spent growing up in deep South Texas, the photographs tell an unfinished story both true and imagined. The story is made up of three parts, each as if a chapter in a book, calling forth memories, imaginings, and hopes and dreams.

According to the artist: "I believe that all of our stories, in essence, the way that we choose to interpret ourselves and our world, are significant and have the power to shape our lives, before finally, they become our lives. This ongoing project is my story. The images are sometimes, but not always, constructions of several images. Each one begins as notes written about a particular memory or imagining from my childhood. I find working in this way, from a personal narrative, to be very exciting. One memory triggers another. The journey from concept to finish seems to have a mind all its own, as if the story wants to be told as much as I want to do the telling."

Tami attended The University of Texas, and later discovered her interest in the potential of the still image. For much of her adult life, she has pieced together an ongoing photographic education, including formal classes, workshops and continuous self-education. Her work has been shown nationally in both invitational group exhibitions and juried exhibitions, and in 2012 is being shown in three solo exhibitions and featured in several international publications.

All images are varnished pigment prints on fiber based paper and are available in three size options: 12" x 12", matted to 16" x 20", in editions of 12; 16" x 16", matted to 20" x 24", in editions of 8; and 20" x 20", matted to 26" x 28", in editions of 4.


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Images © Tami Bone