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Sept 8 - Oct 9, 2006



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Bulgarian-born photographer, Tsvetan Tsenov (TSENO) has a unique talent in his ability to observe and grasp the essence of reality, which might place his art within the classical mode of photography. At the same time, his diverse point of view and creative interpretations would classify him as a modern conceptual artist with a discovering spirit. When viewing his pictures, one is involved in a revelation of the human spirit.

Before re-locating to the west coast of the United States, TSENO was a well-recognized editor and photojournalist with a strong social position in the primary press groups in Bulgaria. His photographs have been exhibited and published in many countries including Bulgaria, Canada, Italy, France, the Czech Republic and the United States.

His newest series of photographs, "Works", is devoted to glorifying spiritual beauty and represents a continuing search to utilize alternative process and to maximize technical flexibility in expressing his ideas.


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