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Vincent Serbin


Metaphysical Ground

June 22 - July 23, 2007


Vincent Serbin Stone-Wall-scape Vincent Serbin Infinite-ground Vincent Serbin Church-Road-scape Vincent Serbin Moon-Rock-scape Vincent Serbin Burning-Bush-myth
Vincent Serbin Sub-scape Vincent Serbin Metaphysical-ground Vincent Serbin N.O. ground Vincent Serbin Winter-Lake-myth Vincent Serbin Stone-Mountain-scape Vincent Serbin Discrete-scape Vincent Serbin Stable-ground Vincent Serbin Still-ground Vincent Serbin Mindless-scape Vincent Serbin Pink-Cloud-myth


Metaphysical Ground, a new series of images by Woodstock photographer Vincent Serbin, will have its premiere exhibition at Galerie BMG beginning June 22, 2007.

With a strong interest in metaphysics, Serbin's new work was inspired by a metaphor which uses "ground" to explain metaphysics. This metaphor also defined a vertical order of "ground, edifice and ornament", and prompted Serbin to explore the nature of landscape and that which rests upon the "ground".

While departing from his previous subjects, which has included nudes and still life, Serbin continues his unique compositions involving the tattered and taped structure of negative collage, which aptly suggests that nothing is as secure and grounded as we might think. Similarly, he continues his exploration of time by arranging the ground, the objects that rest upon it (edifice) and elements of graffiti (ornament) within a two part composition that represent moments of the near past, which he labels as event A, and the near future, indicated as event B.

According to Serbin: "In our minds, the past persistently informs the future and so builds an edifice of information that stimulates our imagination and ornaments our lives. Metaphysics is a philosophy that attempts to understand "being" and locate the "ground" upon which it stands."

Images are available in 16 x 20 or 20 x 24 silver gelatin prints, matted and framed to 24 x 20, 24 x 30 or 30 x 18, in unique editions.

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