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William Ropp


William Ropp

August 7 - September 7, 2009


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French photographer William Ropp is well-known for the unique style in which he captures the mysterious aspects of human nature. Placing his subjects in absolute darkness during extended exposures, he uses a flashlight to "paint" a magical effect of illumination and shadow in what he calls "the dance of light".

His outstanding series entitled "Children", created using the same technique, is often described as haunting, emotional and humanistic. It depicts children at the beginning of their journey in life, gazing directly at the viewer, thoughtful, bold, ageless, open, and aware of the world. As is his intent, Ropp seems to capture their souls in his images. Speaking of the series, he says "If I had to frame my own childhood in one single picture, I would say, without the slightest hesitation, that this image would be full of seriousness; it would be as serious as the future full of hopes and doubts, fears and questions, that I sensed looming toward me from off in the distance"

William Ropp lives in his native country, France. He typically uses a 4 x 5 or Polaroid camera, working either in studio or on location with minimal equipment. He produces his own richly toned, traditional gelatin silver prints His photographs have been exhibited extensively in museums and galleries around the world and his work has been published in several books including one devoted to the Children series, as well as a recently released twenty-year retrospective.


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