past exhibition

Yumiko Izu


Secret Garden

Aug 8 - Sept 8, 2008


1 Secret Garden 48 Noir  2 Secret Garden 51 Blanc 3 Secret Garden 29 Noir 4 Secret Garden 3 Noir 5 Secret Garden 49 Noir 6 Secret Garden 12 Noir 7 Secret Garden 10 Noir 8 Secret Garden 5 Noir 9 Secret Garden 39 Noir 10 Secret Garden 36 Noir 11 Secret Garden 13 Noir 12 Secret Garden 40 Noir 13 Secret Garden 15 Noir 14 Secret Garden 18 Noir 15 Secret Garden 6 Noir 16 Secret Garden 34 Noir 17 Secret Garden 67 Blanc 18 Secret Garden 53 Blanc 19 Secret Garden 64 Blanc 20 Secret Garden 56 Blanc 21 Secret Garden 65 Blanc 22 Secret Garden 54 Blanc 23 Secret Garden 66 Blanc 24 Secret Garden 61 Blanc 25 Secret Garden 63 Blanc Secret Garden 1 Noir Secret Garden 2 Noir Secret Garden 7 Noir Secret Garden 21 Noir Secret Garden 35 Noir


View Additional Blanc Images from Yumiko Izu's "Secret Garden" Series

Galerie BMG is delighted to host the debut solo exhibition of photographs by talented, local artist, Yumiko Izu. The images in "Secret Garden" are an exploration of the ephemeral beauty of flowers, depicting them in various stages of their life cycle.

"Everything in this world has its end and nothing remains unchanged. Flowers, petals, stems, pollens and ruins, they vanish out of the darkness slowly with a hint of sorrow, as if anticipating their fate. The flowerıs life is a metaphor that reflects on the fleetingness of human life."

The images are beautifully executed in richly intense platinum / palladium prints. More recent additions to the series include pale white images, done using the same process, but which contrast starkly to their darker counterparts, almost as ghostly reflections.

Originally from Osaka, Japan, Yumiko received her diploma of photography from Visual Art School in Japan. After coming to the United States, she received her Bachelor of Arts from Brooks Institute of Photography in California. In 1998 she moved to New York City and started working on various assignments in advertising and editorial photography. In 2003 she began her personal fine art photography work using the platinum / palladium printing process. Yumiko currently lives in Rhinebeck and works out of her studio in Red Hook, NY.

All images are platinum palladium prints; single images are 8 x 10 matted to 16 x 20, diptych (#49) is 18.5 x 8, matted to 27 x 16 and triptychs (#48 and #51) are 10 x 22, matted to 18 x 30.


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Images © Yumiko Izu